Mini-Review: Mull Eagle Paradise

Things I didn’t know before I watched ‘Mull – Eagle Paradise‘ using the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up service…

  • Wildlife Cameraman Gordon Buchanan is from Mull
  • The last Eagle was killed in the UK in 1918
  • Eagles were re-introduced initially to the island of Rhum in the 60s
  • Despite 140 birds being released in the 60s, the first Eagle chick to be born didn’t happen until 1985 on Mull
  • Mull is particularly appealing to Sea Eagles because, despite the name, they rather like the plentiful supply of rabbits
  • A third of all the sea eagles live on Mull

So, all things considered, I found this rather short BBC programme quite informative. With only 10 minutes there wasn’t much talk of some of the resistance to the growth in eagle numbers from farmers, who feel that these beautiful birds are predating lambs. More studies are being done but, for now at least, it’s uncertain whether eagles actively kill live lambs or are simply scavenging dead carcasses.

There’s no doubt that eagles have been very beneficial to tourism on the Island. At Beach House we’ve seen them floating around high up over Loch Scridain and the Ross of Mull. Of course, people visit the island for many reasons, but there’s no denying that the eagles add something special to the mix.

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