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If you’ve not come across it yet, you should go check out ‘Our Scotland‘ which describes itself as, “One of Scotland’s fastest growing online communities, a place to share your love of all things Scottish”. It now has well over 1,000 members, both locals and visitors alike.

Sanna Bay on Ardnamurchan which is just a short ferry ride from Mull. Copyright Karin Haerdtle @ Our ScotlandAs I was looking at new photos on the site, I came across some new pictures taken by Karin Haerdtle. They’re well worth checking out. There are also a few from the Ardnamurchan peninsula just north of Mull. It’s only a short CalMac ferry ride from Tobermory to Kilchoan and for anyone staying on Mull it’s a great opportunity to explore the most westerly mainland point in the UK.

Karin has some pictures of what I’ve always felt was probably the best sandy beach on the whole of Scotland’s west coast. Called Sanna Bay, it’s only a short trip from Kilchoan to this beach which lies on the north side of the peninsula.

As a child I vividly remember visiting this beach during what felt like those endlessly long school summer holidays and managing (I don’t know how) to catch a tiny little octopus in, of all things, an empty crisp packet. I, of course, put it back after showing the parents what I’d managed to capture. Certainly a far cry from the usual array of eels and crabs that reside in Scotland’s rock pools.

On a sunny day the waters at Sanna Bay are the most amazing green-blue colour, looking much more likeĀ  something you’d expect to find in warmer tropical climes.

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