Alex Sally’s Wildlife video on Mull

There’s definitely a healthy dose of serendipity when it comes to the web. I was just looking at the Facebook page for Tobermory, the island of Mull’s main town, when I spotted this video that Alex had uploaded to YouTube and shared on the Facebook page back in early August. He’s only got a few videos at the moment but the one shot in HD of Mull is worth a gander at just under nine minutes in length. Click to watch or make it full screen.

As Alex says on his YouTube page, “I have been a keen amateur photographer for a while but this year I have set myself a new challenge. To try and film some of the wildlife I love and to be able to share it.

His website is

Thanks for sharing Alex. I enjoyed it 🙂

Tracking white tailed eagles on Mull

The RSPB is tracking White Tailed Eagles on Mull and you can too.
The RSPB is tracking White Tailed Eagles on Mull and you can too.

Here’s something we just discovered. It seems that the RSPB has been tracking Mull’s white tailed eagles and been doing so now for a few years. Thanks to those interpipes if you’re an eagle loving twitcher you can see what the RSPB has been up to by visiting their dedicated web page.

We’ve occasionally looked up to see these huge birds soaring high above Beach House. It’s quite a sight to watch them seemingly floating in the clear blue sky (yes we get clear blue sky!)


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St Columba’s Hospice group leaves kind comment

Many thanks to Chaplain Michael Paterson who took a group of his staff from St Columba’s Hospice up to Beach House for a bit of respite and a visit to Iona. He left some kind words on our reviews page on Google’s Maps service saying, “A group of staff from St Columba’s Hospice, Edinburgh came here to rest and recover from our labours and boy did we enjoy ourselves. The house is everything we could have hoped for: warm, well furnished, comfortable, well equipped and with breathtaking views across the loch. We really could not have asked for a better location for our needs. Highly recommended for anyone wanting away from it all!

Thanks Michael and I hope you’ll come stay again sometime.


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Where Eagles Dare…

It seems that Mull’s success with it’s eagle re-introduction programme many years ago, is gaining the attention of our Celtic cousins. In the Irish Independent’s recent story on the re-introduction of Eagles to Killarney, a local hotelier Niall Huggard told the paper, “Eagle watching is worth roughly €3m to the Isle of Mull in Scotland, where a similar re-introduction took place 35 years ago.“.

Problem is, it seems some people can’t shake habits of old. As specialist Dr. Mee also explained to the paper “Mull is a small island — we’re talking about 100,000 or so visitors a year. Muckross House gets about half a million. And Killarney’s only one place — we have a pair of birds down near Waterville, for example, so the benefits could be widespread. We just have to make a clean break from poisoning.“. Quite so!

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Some recent comments from past guests…

We’re always delighted when people who have enjoyed their stay at our home on Mull take the time and trouble to write a few words on Google’s reviews section. You can read the reviews page here, but below I’ve listed three recent entries.

“A truly stunning location. We came for peace and tranquility and found all that we could have wanted. We particularly enjoyed sitting at the table in the porch looking out over the loch. We wanted wildlife and walking and couldn’t fit it all in 2 weeks. The house was spacious, warm and comfortable and the log burner great for drying out our walking gear (weather not good but didn’t stop us doing anything). We would recommend this to anyone who wants to avoid the crowds and the trappings of tourism and we really hope to be back soon.‎”

Thanks Vicky.

“Words cannot describe how idyllic this house is. Mull itself is a wonderful island and what better a place in which to base yourself than Be’ach House. The kids loved building dens in the woods which adjoins the house. Can we come back…..please!‎”

You’re coming back aren’t you? Cheers 🙂

“Fantastic secluded location, but breathtaking views. Spent a 3 generation family holiday to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, and the cottage lacked nothing to make it memorable for us all. We’ve been visting Mull since 1982, and Beach must be the best self catering accommodation we have enjoyed. Great for wildlife.‎”

Much appreciated Roger. I hope we’ll see you again at Beach House.

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Mull born ‘Father’ of Australia gets TV documentary

It seems that Major General Lachlan Macquarie, born on the island of Ulva, a few hundred metres off Mull in 1761, is going to get some much deserved media attention in early 2011. Macquarie was the fifth Governor of New South Wales in Australia taking over the penal colony of Botany Bay in 1810. It’s widely recorded that he was the first Governor to treat the country as more than a dumping ground for prisoners and to see it as a valuable British colony.

Argyll News reports that Caledonia TV spent a week filming on Mull as part of the documentary, including a wreath-laying ceremony by New South Wales’ current (37th) Governer, Professor Marie Bashir at Macquarie’s Mausoleum on Mull.

It’s another of those not very well known stories about Scottish adventurers who played a major part in helping shape the modern world we know today. The Macquarie Mausoleum is about 40 to 50 minutes drive from Beach House via the scenic route to Salen on the B8035.

You can see it on this map: The Macquarie Mausoleum.

P.S. — Just found out that there is also a new book out talking about Lachlan Macquarie and his exploits. In a book review Christine Salins says, “Lachlan Macquarie became Governor of NSW in 1810, making 2010 the bicentenary of that event and a year in which the NSW Government has planned a state wide calendar of events to celebrate the occasion.

Dillon and Butler’s book is timely, providing readers whose interest may be sparked by the 200th anniversary with an insightful account of Macquarie’s governorship from 1810 to 1821 and a fascinating examination of the most influential man in Australia’s early history.

Given what Macquarie first encountered in Sydney in 1810 in the wake of the Rum Rebellion, his achievements during that time are astonishing. He was the first Governor to officially celebrate “Australia Day” and to consistently adopt the name “Australia” when referring to the colony.

As the title of the book implies, Macquarie’s vision began the transformation of what was a penal colony, with little other purpose than to provide England with a means for offloading the social and economic burden of its convicts, into a country with real potential and opportunity for both emancipists and free settlers alike.

You can read the full review here and there’s also a Macquarie website here.

Mull gets listed as one of ‘Britain’s best’

Times Live, one of South Africa’s online newspaper sites, lists Mull and it’s many nearby islands as one of ‘Britain’s best hidden islands‘. I heartily agree!

It states, “Memorable islands swim in the shadow of the big, sprawling basalt layer-caked Isle of Mull: Iona, cradle of Celtic Christianity; lumpy Ulva; Staffa, with its wonderful basalt columns forming the cathedral-like Fingal’s Cave. More twins, Coll and Tiree, lie to the northwest.

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Memories of a great time at Beach will stay with us for a long time to come

Morag and John from Glasgow stayed at Beach House with their two kids and kindly said of their self-catering stay…

Memories of a great time at Beach will stay with us for a long time to come. The house has a perfect mix of modern amenities without losing its charm and character. Whether it’s for a relaxing get-together with friends, or bringing children to explore all of Mull’s family-friendly attractions and sites, the house couldn’t be better situated to get around the island. Highly recommended!

Thanks guys.


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Loved every minute

When Glenn and Hilary came to our self catering home with their kids, they also had to do a little work too. Fortunately we also have broadband anf WiFi at Beach House, so they were able to keep things ticking over whilst away from it all. As they explained in a kind comment on Google Maps reviews section, “What a superb place. We enjoyed some great weather and visited Iona, the abbey and Tobermory. Working for ourselves, it was really helpful being able to spend a week there and know that we could access email/web if there was a need.

We’ll definitely come back again.

Glenn & Hilary“.

We hope we’ll see you again.


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A spacious self catering house on the Isle of Mull with spectacular views and superb visitor reviews, Beach House is a must for your holiday in Scotland.