Mull Links

There are loads of fun things to see and do on Mull whilst self-catering at Beach House, a number of which you’ll find reviews for here. Below, in no particular order, we’ve listed just a few more we think are worthy of note:

  • Random Reviews
    Some pithy reviews written about places to visit or places to eat around Mull.
  • Glengorm Castle
    Glengorm Castle offers some fantastic views from the northern tip of Mull across the the most westerly point in mainland Britain at Ardnamurchan peninsula. The castle offers a superb restaurant, noted for its generous soup bowls and child-friendly surroundings.
  • Aros Park
    Aros Park is just outside the main town of Tobermory at the northern end of the island. It is, however, curved around Tobermory bay, offering excellent views of the colourful main street, made so well-recognised by the children’s TV series Balamory.
  • Carsaig Beach
    Carsaig is something special. On the southern edge of the Ross of Mull, you get down via a steep road clinging to the side of the hill, parking at the bottom where a ruined pier resides. High above are wild herds of goats, whilst a short walk to the far right of the bay leads to some of the most stunning rockpools sitting in deposits of ancient seabed now compressed to slate stone and filled to bursting with a huge array of fossils. The stone gives the wide beach, visible at low tide and next to the cliffs, a gray appearance to the sand. This site also provides a superb panoramic view of Carsaig from the old ruined Pier.
  • Iona Abbey
    The Iona Abbey is not just for those of a religious disposition. That’s because it is also a magnificent testament to both the efforts of Saint Columba and his contemporaries back in 563, as well as the more recent efforts of so many who helped to restore the Abbey and its grounds from the ruins it was in .Work began to return the ruins to its past glories in 1938. Iona also has some good places to eat and some beautiful sandy beaches just a short walk across this tiny island. For more on the history take a look atthe Wikipedia page on the Abbey and Iona.
  • Erraid Beach
    Erraid is one of a number of beaches which offers some real surprises. At high tide it looks as if there are a number of cut-off small islands just off shore. But as the tide recedes large expanses of white sand, which would look more at home in some Mediterranean hotspot reveal themselves and comment the islands to Mull. Famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson spent some of his childhood on Erraid. In Stevenson’s book “Kidnapped”, the hero, David Balfour is shipwrecked and comes ashore on the south coast of Erraid at a sandy bay (known as Balfour’s Bay).
  • Staffa Island
    Staffa Island is unique for being one end of a line of unusual volcanic rock which runs from Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway. The rock making up Staffa cooled to form unusually regular hexagonal shaped volcanic pillars. It looks as if the island is made of many tree-trunk like stilts and the old Norse word for the stilts is actually ‘stafa’. About six miles by regular boat-trips from Fionnphort Pier, it doesn’t take long to get to the island and explore. A popular breeding ground for Puffins, it’s perhaps best known for Fingal’s Cave on the southern tip, which you can actually walk into using the top of the basalt columns as stepping stones.
  • The Mediterranea restaurant
    The Mediterranea restaurant is one of those surprise places that you least expect to find on your travels. Though not cheap, the food is generally of a standard that you’ll find hard to distinguish from the best restaurants in big cities. Situated in the middle of Salen, between Craignure and Tobermory, it’s an excellent stop-off for dinner before heading back to the south of the island.

A spacious self catering house on the Isle of Mull with spectacular views and superb visitor reviews, Beach House is a must for your holiday in Scotland.