A new Mull & Iona Flickr group

Just discovered another photo group specialising in images of this part of the world on the website Flickr. Called, appropriately enough, the Mull & Iona Group, it’s full of some very good snaps taken by professional and amateur alike, though it does seem to be backed, directly or indirectly, by Scotland’s tourist board via Visitscotland.com?

If you have time it’s well worth checking out some of the shots already in the group. But the thing that really caught my eye came from a tweet from Mull&Iona saying “Mull & Iona Flickr map is coming together. Always need more so join in.”

The new Flickr map of Mull & Iona photos

Maps are a great way to add context to a photo. They also act as a superb memory jogger, helping you to better recall where you were and what you were doing when it was taken. That’s why we try to map every picture we take when we’re on holiday in Mull. It’s also why I plan to add a few of my own photos to this map as we’ve built up quite a collection of images over the years.