The hackneyed hulls on Mull’s Salen shoreline still surprise

It’s been shot a gazillion times before so this is hardly a surprising subject for budding snappers. But perhaps what is, is the unique take by Paul Corica of this oft-taken scene of the ruined old fishing boats on Salen’s shoreline.

Paul Corica has managed what I thought was the impossible and taken one of the most photographed objects on the Isle of Mull and brought a fresh perspective to it. Click to view full size. [Copyright Paul Corica at Flickr].Just north of Salen, on the road between Tobermory and Craignure, these decaying hulls on the Isle of Mull’s shoreline are rarely ignored by holidaying cameraphiles. But it takes a special bit of something (I know not what as I do not have it) to take a picture that’s been done to death, yet somehow bring a whole new perspective to it. Taken back in 2008, I only happened across it as the snap was mentioned/linked-to from Twitter.

I think that what Paul’s done here is a really striking take on the two rotting hulls, done in black and white.

As Paul explains on his Flickr profile:

“I took up photography in 2002 when I bought my first SLR (a cheap Canon). At about the same time my wife bought me a Canon IXUS V and I used the two in conjunction (one for serious shots the other for snaps). Although the film Canon was more versatile I preferred the instant feedback from the digital Canon and so slowly made the transition from film to digital.

I ditched film in 2005 and now only shoot in digital. When the Canon 400D came out I decided to make the leap into D-SLR and haven’t looked back.The 400D has subsequently been upgraded to a Nikon D300

I mainly take landscape shots around Yorkshire and Staffordshire, which are the two locations I live and work in, although whenever I visit other UK locations I always take a camera.

What Paul’s managed to do is capture an image that you just can’t imagine can ever have anything original done to it. So congratulations to him for proving there’s always a new perspective, however hackneyed the subject!

Oh, and if you like the image as much as I do, you can have it professionally printed on various size boards here.

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