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Isle of Mull makes top 10 wildlife destinations

Have you heard of Nick Stringer? No, me neither. But I know him now. An Emmy award-winning director and producer of wildlife documentaries, he’s penned an article which appeared earlier today for the Guardian newspaper (surely the best rag of a shoddy bunch these days), where he picks his top 10 wildlife destinations across the planet.

The Isle of Mull makes it onto this expert's top 10 wildlife destinations on the planet.So what spots, pray tell, do you think make it into his all time top 10 list? The Kalahari Desert? Check. The Danum Valley down Borneo way? Absolutely! Shark Bay in Australia? Of course. But tucked away in this shopping list of wildlife wonders is… you guessed it… Mull!

Actually he refers to Scotland’s west coast but specifically mentions the Isle of Mull as the jewel in the crown.

“The west coast of Scotland, and especially the Isle of Mull, is my little bit of heaven. Midges and rain aside, when the sun shines it’s unforgettable for its wilderness, its seascapes and some of the biggest seabird colonies in Europe. Spot white-tailed sea and golden eagles as well as basking sharks and seals. It is great for kayaking, but for my next trip I’d love to sail along the coast, between the isles and to St Kilda, a small island and a World Heritage Site. Its precipitous cliffs are the highest in the UK and home to more than half a million breeding seabirds.”

I’d dearly like to add St. Kilda to my own list of Scottish places visited. The best I managed was spending a couple of drink-fuelled days (or daze) within its namesake down under in Melbourne, Australia at the tail-end of my 20s. Now I’m happier being a tad more tee-total and holidaying in the relaxing surroundings of our own Beach House (when it’s not got some welcome self-catering guests staying of course).

Anyway, enough of the musings. The point here is that we’re often tempted to be a little down on the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us right on our doorstep, and what better door to open than one to the Scottish island that leads them all… Mull.

Sometimes it takes the objective eye of a non-islander to truly make you appreciate what you’ve got.

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