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BBC’s On Your Farm visits Mull salmon farmer Geoff Kidd

One of the most welcome improvements that the internet has brought to Mull’s island life, and which I deeply appreciate, is the ability to now be able to access the BBC’s vast output of both TV and radio via catch-up services like iPlayer or, for radio, by subscribing to many podcast versions of popular programmes which are nigh-on impossible to tune in to if you’re in the wrong place on the Isle of Mull.

BBC radio show On Your Farm's Alex James visits the Isle of Mull to talk with salmon farmer Geoff Kidd at Loch SpelveThat said, quite a lot of places on Mull fall into that category. So I was relieved to discover that ‘On your Farm’, which interviews Mull salmon farmer Geoff Kidd from Loch Spelvie in this week’s show, was also available on the iPlayer. Sadly though, it seems to be one of the few programmes which doesn’t get the podcast treatment after broadcast, so to listen you need to be sitting at your PC. Still, at 22 minutes in length it’s hardly a hardship.

Not a regular listener to this show, I was surprised to discover that On Your Farm now seems to be quite hip. It’s presented by ex Blur band member Alex James no less. I suspect that’s because Alex now dabbles in farming himself and makes cheese on his Oxfordshire farm. So perhaps he took the opportunity to pop up to Mull’s own big cheeses. If you haven’t tasted Isle of Mull Cheese you’re missing one of the country’s best.

Beach House Self Catering, Isle of Mull
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Holiday WiFi gets a boost at Beach House

The BT Home Hub gives Beach house Self Catering Wireless 'N' WifiOK, let’s just admit that having access to broadband on holiday can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand it’s great to be able to do work whilst cut off from the rest of civilisation and the usual distractions of everyday life. But, at the same time, if you’ve come to Mull to get away from it all, do you really want your email nagging for your attention or all your twittering colleagues and friends tweeting you from afar?

Yet there’s little doubting that it’s very convenient to have ready access to a WiFi connection whether for your mobile phone or your laptop. So many of the things we take for granted these days just do not operate without some way of tapping into the internet.

Very fortunately we’ve had broadband at Beach House for four years now. We’ve just got around to upgrading the router so that visitors can now enjoy a much stronger WiFi connection, thanks to BT’s Home Hub. This offers the older wireless G link or, for newer devices it can connect at the much faster wireless N standard.

Just don’t assume that faster WiFi makes the web faster too. Whilst we’re delighted we have broadband out here, it’s pretty slow by modern standards, at just a half meg. Though, for a bit of web surfing and email, you’ll really never notice.

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