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Check out Mull Events on Facebook

I just came across this Facebook group for events being held on Mull. I’ve got links (at the bottom of the page) to other resources for various happenings on the Isle of Mull already, but this service has the added advantage of being shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Here's a new approach to getting hold of event information on the Isle of Mull -- crowd-sourced through Twitter and Facebook. Ideal for visitors with a Facebook or Twitter app on their phone.The main benefit of doing this is that, as a holiday visitor to Mull, it makes it very easy to sign up via your phone to either the Twitter stream or the Facebook wall using one the many apps out there for smartphones. This way you can have up-to-the-minute information on what’s going on where, during the next seven days. It’s a fantastic development as, whilst we have listings for events on Mull from other websites, as yet there has never been a single comprehensive place where you could (hopefully in time) find everything in one place.

This is the explainer I found on the Facebook group from Angust Stewart, “On the 18 December 2010 the U.K. had 28,935,380 Facebook users. It’s hoped that people understand the usefulness of posting a notice on the Isle of Mull Events Noticeboard. Both island residents and visitors can now receive, by computer or mobile phone, information about events taking place during the next 7 days. It is hoped that this can help to support and stimulate events on Mull. Events, however small, may have a better chance of finding their audience.

If you’re planning a visit to Mull it’s another handy way to keep abreast of what’s coming up during your stay.

Now, if only these events could be dropped into a public Google calendar… they’d just appear in my phone 🙂