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British Sea Power reports on recent Mull Trip

According to Last.fm, “British Sea Power are a four-man indie rock band based in Brighton, England, although three of the band hail originally from Kendal in Cumbria. Their style encompasses sweeping and often epic guitar pop with more visceral, angular and esoteric noises and instruments. Critics have likened their sound to a variety of groups, from The Cure to Pixies. They have released four albums and a number of EPs (most on Rough Trade) since they formed in 2000.”

Post Gig at An Tobar Arts Centre, British Sea Power and pals gathered at The Mishnish as illustrated by Tony HusbandThe band were up on Mull (and then Eigg) to perform at An Tobar, Tobermory’s 60-seater Arts Centre, last September. For any followers of the band, there is now an entertaining two-parter about the trip up to the Isle of Mull on the music website Drowned In Sound… presumably that’s not a literal reference to a tragedy in the Sound of Mull! 🙂

It’s an entertaining tale of drivers getting lost on the wrong side of Scotland, comic scenes, such as losing recording equipment over the side of a CalMac boat and a gig where the band premiered their new eight track CD ZEUS after having consumed one too many whiskies beforehand. It was then rounded off by a trip to the Mishnish to carry on the important work of whisky sampling into the small hours.

The jaunt has now been recounted, not just in words and pictures, but also through the eyes of the cartoonist Tony Husband. Well worth the few minutes of your time that it will take to read the two-parter.

If you’re unfamiliar with the band and you’d like to know what they sound like, you can visit their MySpace page to hear a few of the new tracks which they performed at An Tobar.

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Sea Soundscape recorded on the Isle of Mull

Ok, so someone had the bright idea that if what people like and take away from a visit to the Isle of Mull is the peace and seclusion so close to civilisation, then why not try to capture some of it? What they’ve (that’s Sounds Relaxing ) come up with is an hour long chill tape. Essentially it’s a bunch of continuous tinkly music with, supposedly, the sounds of the sea recorded from Mull’s beaches. It’s very reminiscent of the kind of stuff you might hear in one of those hydro-therapy or massage businesses, to help lull you into a stupor and forget all your worries.

And, as it turns out, on checking the website that’s exactly what the company producing this stuff has in mind too. You can either order the CD or buy it as a download. Or, if you prefer the real thing, you could always make plans for another holiday on Mull and go hear those sounds first-hand… minus the tinkly stuff of course 🙂

The Travelling Band showcases songs recorded on Mull

If you’re musically inclined you might enjoy the music of Manchester troup The Travelling Band. Seems they travelled up to Mull in 2009 to record new tracks in a converted church on the island (not sure where?). You can listen to some of their songs below. They are now planning to perform some of the songs they recorded on Mull at New York’s CMJ Music Marathon this October. Of course, there are a few native islanders who can produce a decent tune too, such as Colin Macintyre who was the Mull Historical Society.