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A new Mull & Iona Flickr group

Just discovered another photo group specialising in images of this part of the world on the website Flickr. Called, appropriately enough, the Mull & Iona Group, it’s full of some very good snaps taken by professional and amateur alike, though it does seem to be backed, directly or indirectly, by Scotland’s tourist board via Visitscotland.com?

If you have time it’s well worth checking out some of the shots already in the group. But the thing that really caught my eye came from a tweet from Mull&Iona saying “Mull & Iona Flickr map is coming together. Always need more so join in.”

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The Japanese Knotweed saga continues at Beach House

We were expecting as much. Sure enough, despite blitzing the forest of Japanese Knotweed last year, a bit of warmth and sunlight saw shoots appearing in what feels like a blink of an eye. So we’re up at Beach House just now, doing a bunch of bits n pieces, but our main target is this iniquitous invader.

We’ve still no idea how or where this plant made its way into the grounds of Beach House, our self-catering farmhouse on the Ross of Mull (that’s the bit that juts out to the south going towards the island of Iona). Our best, and only, guess is that the seed was transported to our ground by a bird as there’s no other known outbreaks of this foreign invader close by.

Anyway, this video gives you the update….

We’ve changed the booking days

Now our weeks are from Saturday to Saturday - click to check out our updated availability calendarIf you’ve visited Beach House before you might have found the Friday changeovers a bit of a pain. That’s understandable as, usually, most people like to arrive and depart on the weekend.

Previously it was impossible for us to do the changeovers on a Saturday or Sunday. But as of now that’s all changed. If you were put off because of the Friday changeover, that’s now a thing of the past.

So if you liked the idea of our self catering former farmhouse but didn’t like the Friday to Friday week, it’s from Saturdays from now on. Just go check out our availability calendar and see for yourself.