Where Eagles Dare…

It seems that Mull’s success with it’s eagle re-introduction programme many years ago, is gaining the attention of our Celtic cousins. In the Irish Independent’s recent story on the re-introduction of Eagles to Killarney, a local hotelier Niall Huggard told the paper, “Eagle watching is worth roughly €3m to the Isle of Mull in Scotland, where a similar re-introduction took place 35 years ago.“.

Problem is, it seems some people can’t shake habits of old. As specialist Dr. Mee also explained to the paper “Mull is a small island — we’re talking about 100,000 or so visitors a year. Muckross House gets about half a million. And Killarney’s only one place — we have a pair of birds down near Waterville, for example, so the benefits could be widespread. We just have to make a clean break from poisoning.“. Quite so!

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